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Water Damage in Memphis

911 Restoration of Memphis

The water damage Memphis team at 911 Restoration wants to be there for you in order to provide you with the fresh start you deserve.

Water Damage Restoration Sealing In Mold With A Vapor BarrierWhat is the fresh start? Well that is our creed that things will get better. The company was founded on delivering you from burden in order to restore your mind and home.

Therefore, pick up the phone and give us a call for the fresh fix you are deserving of.

  • You get help at any time with our 24/7/365 availability.
  • With same-day service for all emergencies and a 45-minute response time, things get better quickly.
  • A free water damage estimate is provided by our licensed, bonded, and insured team.

Utter peace of mind from start to finish is our guarantee to you. Trust that our elite team of professionals will fix your home, and get things back to normal as fast as possible.

If your home or office location is already amid a flooding incident and you need it repaired by the best in the business, then contact our water damage Memphis crew with 911 Restoration Memphis for help today!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage does not occur in a vacuum, and it would be extremely difficult to detail in this moment everything we can do for you, but if it involves unwelcomed water then trust in our ability to repair and remediate the situation.

Water Damage Restoration Of School BathroomEvery tool in our arsenal will be used to ensure a quick and speedy dry out, as it is imperative to securing tranquility to your psyche. Although damage comes in many shapes, it usually effects your home in the same manner.

For example, in the case of flooding, water will swamp your living space and flow into whatever space possible. It will slip into your subfloor, soak into your insulation, and then it causes a mold infestation.

We never want anything like that to happen to you, so give us a call when an accident happens. We know where to look and how to eliminate it, so you can breathe and live comfortably.

Don’t let your home or company fall victim to the effects of a pipe burst, ceiling leak, or any other kind of flooding.

Contact our water damage restoration Memphis team with 911 Restoration Memphis for immediate assistance today!

Fire Damage Repairs

The water damage Memphis team also doubles as a fire restoration repair team. The IICRC certifications they receive makes them capable of not only extracting the water, but removing smoke and the odor it leaves behind.

Smoke is aerosolized ash, soot, and burnt material that gets materialized into the gas. When this happens it gets deposited into the surface of the porous material. So, although the fire may have happened in one room, the damage spans to other rooms.

Fret not because we will neutralize odors and get the stains off. Your home will look fresh in no time.

If your home or business has recently had an incendiary experience then contact our fire damage restoration Memphis crew with 911 Restoration Memphis for a speedy recovery today!

Sewage Backup

The sewage backup cleanup team wtih 911 Restoration Memphis urges you to call us the moment it breaches into your home as it can save you time and money to act quickly.

This type of accident is colloquially referred to as black water, and it is professionally known as a category 3 water damage incident.

It contains a high amount of microbes, the water is opaque, and it can make you sick if you interact with it. This type of situation is extremely precarious, thus, call us immediately when it occurs.

We want you to be on the path to a fresh start, and that begins when you contact us. We will remove waste, eliminate bacteria, and make the space beautiful.

Don’t let your home or storefront fall victim to the aftereffects of a sewage backup. Contact our sewage backup cleanup Memphis team with 911 Restoration Memphis for immediate improvements today!

Disaster Restoration

The water damage Memphis team at 911 Restoration are also disaster restoration experts. See, water damage, or any other type of damage, may come in a variety of forms.

Therefore, we have to be as versatile as the problems we face. We are flood cleanup experts, roof repair technicians, and crawlspace cleaners as well.

If it is attached to your home and it becomes a mess because of an accident, then trust us to handle that for you.

The disaster restoration Memphis team with 911 Restoration Memphis is by your side through everything, so just give us a call today!

Mold Removal

Water Damage Restoration At Alley Job SiteHome restoration does not end at obvious damage. Sometimes the real cause for alarm is what may happen months down the line. We know a lot of water damage goes unreported, but we always recommend that you call us after a water related home accident.

The reason being is that mold spores cause inflammation in the respiratory system. For example, if you are already a person that has allergies, then your symptoms will act up when you have a mold infestation because your immune system is reacting to the allergenic properties of the spore.

On top of that, as spores eat away at organic material, it can ruin the structural integrity of your living space. Support beams will become weakened as the mold eats into the pulpy and porous material.

Furthermore, the mold because superficially observable through its unwelcoming odor and texture. Funny colors and crumbling sheetrock all accompany a mold infestation.

Our water damage Memphis team is all inclusive, so any space affected with mold becomes decontaminated as well.

For expert fungus elimination assistance, contact our mold removal Memphis team with 911 Restoration Memphis for a speedy recovery today!


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