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Disaster Restoration Memphis

disaster-restoration-fire-cleanupNo matter what form a disaster takes, from a tornado to house fires and even severe storms and flooding, 911 Restoration Memphis owners James Quinn and David Burns, along with their disaster restoration experts at 911 Restoration Memphis know what to do, how to do it, and they can start immediately to save your home or business.

Being there to save homes and stores from the effects of a disaster means getting to the scene of it quickly. This is why David, James, and the disaster restoration team out of Memphis will arrive within 45 minutes of any call for help. Call us at 901-443-1615 and allow us to provide you with a free visual inspection.

“We can also take on a project at all times of the day and night because we are available 24/7/365,” James says. “So no matter when your home is harmed by disasters, we can be there for you.”

Beyond being able to handle a situation whenever it pops up, James, David and the disaster restoration team out of Memphis will also bring all of the latest and greatest equipment and tools to every job that they take on.

“We bring the best so that we can provide people with the best restoration experience possible in this business,” David explains. “Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that the tools are cutting-edge, and so is our expertise with them.”

If your home is already experiencing disaster scenarios, then don’t wait for it to grow larger and damage more. Contact David, James, and the disaster restoration Memphis team with 911 Restoration today at 901-443-1615!

Disaster Prevention Measures From the Experts

water-damage-restoration-unitsWhen David, James and the disaster restoration team take on a project it is usually after the disaster damages have already occurred, but they are also specialists when it comes to making sure that these scenarios don’t ever happen in the first place.

“Daily we get calls from people that simply want to know what they need to do to protect their home or business from these types of situations,” David explains. “And that is why we have composed a good sized list of things that people can check and take care of on their own to ensure their home stays safe and dry no matter what.”

  • Have a professional restoration expert or plumbing specialist come and inspect your entire home’s system for anything out of the ordinary that may become a problem if left to linger.
  • Make sure that before a storm comes that your home’s roof, shingles and gutters are all in perfect working condition.
  • A sump pump can save a home from all of the incoming water that a superstorm may bring, and this is why they should be inspected for problems before the storm hits.
  • If there are trees that overhang your property, have an expert trim them so that there is little chance that during high wind or rain that they will snap, fall on the roof and collapse the protective layers that keep the elements out.

“These are some of the most common ways that disasters affect homes, but if anyone has questions about things that aren’t listed here, they should absolutely give us a call to find out answers to their specific questions,” David explains.

Don’t let your home or business fall victim to the effects of a pipe burst, water heater loss, or even a toilet overflow. Contact our disaster restoration Memphis experts with 911 Restoration Memphis for all the help you need to get back on track today! Call us at 901-443-1615 and see how we can help.


Tornado Activity Can Harm Roofs throughout Memphis

David, James, and the disaster restoration crew with 911 Restoration Memphis have been providing people with solutions to all different kinds of disaster scenarios, and the challenges that they entail for long enough to know that one of the most common ways people experience trouble is through their roofing.

water-damage-restoration-units-and-dryer“We went to a job recently where the homeowner’s roof was basically left in tatters after a tornado passed through the area,” James says. “The tornado didn’t even hit the house, but the winds from it ripped apart the roof and made it easy for water to find a way in.”

When the storm was over the attic and second floor of the home were basically inundated with water damage at all points, and David, James and their disaster restoration crew got straight to work eliminating the water, and everything that is soaked through.

“We got there as soon as the storm was over and we started to eliminate the wet building materials and drying out the property,” David explains. “When the house was totally dried out afterward, we then completely restored it to new again. We even fixed the roof so that none of this would easily happen again.”

If your home is already experiencing water damage from a local area tornado, flooding event or any other form of disaster, then contact David, James, and the disaster restoration Memphis team with 911 Restoration Memphis today at 901-443-1615!

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