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The Mold-Free Guarantee:

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Mold Removal West Memphis

When homeowners are in need of proper mold eradication services, you can depend on the mold removal West Memphis team at 911 Restoration of Memphis to be the company for the job.

The mold removal West Memphis staff is IICRC certified to implement the most advanced, comprehensive services once we arrive on the scene, such as:

  • Water Damage Restoration Mold Removal ProcessCleanup services
  • Vacuuming
  • Water damage restoration
  • Moisture extraction
  • Thorough drying techniques
  • Sanitization
  • Spore removal
  • Drywall replacement
  • Vapor Barriers
  • Air filters and purifiers
  • Mold testing

Our service agents are available 24/7/365, making it easy for you to call us the moment you discover mold in your household. Once we take down the details of your situation, we will schedule an appointment to get our workers to your home. Call us at 901-443-1615 and allow us to provide you with a free visual inspection.

It is important to make sure that we eradicate every trace of the potentially harmful substance, which us why the first thing we do is conduct a free visual mold inspection as soon as we arrive.

Call our mold removal West Memphis technicians when you notice any signs of mold in your family home and we will do whatever it takes to make your home a safe place to live.

We Know Where Fungus Likes To Hide In Your Home

When our mold removal West Memphis staff arrives on the scene, we will check the attics, crawlspaces, basements, under floorboards, in-between walls, behind wallpaper, in air vents and inside sink cabinets, basically everywhere out of sight.

Water Damage Restoration Of Old Wall BoardMold can be difficult to locate, because it loves to live in damp, dark environments that you usually can not see in plain view.

We will then use equipment to deals with both the fungus growth and water that is causing the mold. By taking this two-pronged approach we get your home clean and completely sanitized.

Our mold removal West Memphis technicians also use containment apparatuses like vapor barriers to keep mold spores from spreading throughout the property and settling in places where they can cause future infestations.

Homeowners can also feel good about the fact that we use eco-friendly cleaning agents when eradicating the mold and fungus, which is important since other companies use very toxic chemicals.

Call our mold removal West Memphis agents when you need the most competent services in the industry and we will go the extra mile for you today. Call us at 901-443-1615 and see how we can help.


We Won’t Let Mold Infest Your Home When We Are On The Job

We know that your mind can race once you find out that mold is infesting your property, and we are sensitive to how overwhelmed you might be feeling when we arrive.

Mold Removal Van And TruckIn order to make things easier for you, our mold removal West Memphis specialists want to be by your side the entire time to get you through this ordeal.

We treat your home as if it were our home, taking special precautions to treat all the items in the home with the utmost respect and care. We want you to feel like their home is in secure hands once when arrive on the scene.

It is important to us that you feel confident in the service that we provide you with, which includes excellent customer service. We will do everything to prove our dedication to getting the job done right.

Our mold removal West Memphis pros at 911 Restoration of Memphis will be there to show you that mold growth can actually be a fresh start, so call us today at 901-443-1615!

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