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Sewage Backup Cleanup Memphis

When it comes to alleviating the challenges presented during a category three water situation, people trust in the skill and expertise of 911 Restoration Memphis owners James Quinn and David Burns.

Water Damage Restoration Technicians Removing Debris To Street DumpsterEliminating the damages from a sewage backup scenario means being quick to the scene of the situation. This is why 911 Restoration Memphis is able to be anywhere within 45 minutes of a call. Call us at 901-443-1615 and allow us to provide you with a free visual inspection.

“We are also capable of handling a sewage backup at any time because we are available 24/7/365 to save the day at all hours,” James says. “This way when there is a neighborhood backup at four in the morning, we are able to get it under control before everyone has to head off in the morning.”

Being able to provide the best sewage backup restoration services means not only showing up to the scene quickly but also bringing the latest drying technology and suction equipment that the industry has. We also work with IICRC certified technicians who will get the job done correctly the first time around.

“We use only cutting-edge tools and techniques so that we know when we work on a home or business, that we are providing people with the best in restoration work, and that always gives people some peace of mind,” David explains. If your home or business is already amid a sewage backup crisis and you want it handled by the best there is, contact David, James, and the sewage backup cleanup Memphis team today at !  Call us at 901-443-1615 and see how we can help.


Category Three Water Backup Prevention Measures

When it comes to taking care of homes that have already been through a sewage event, David, James, and the crew with 911 Restoration Memphis know all there is to about how to get it restored quickly, but they are also experts at preventing these situations beforehand too.

Water Damage Restoration From Bathroom FloodKeeping your commercial or residential property maintained is the first step in remediating a sewage issue. This is not only important to protect your property, but it is a necessary step in keeping you and your family safe.

Sewage contains harmful toxins and bacteria that pose a huge health risk if you come into contact with, even just with your skin. Make sure to stay away from the affected area and wait until help arrives.

“We are always fielding calls from people who want to know what they have to do to prevent a sewage backup event from taking place,” James explains, “and so we created a huge list of ways that people can keep their homes dry and safe from sewage exposure.”

  • Have a professional plumber inspect your home’s system for any abnormalities that may become costly down the road if left unchecked.
  • Make sure that your sewage backflow valve is in perfect working condition to stave off the possibility that you get a backup.
  • Take a moment to test your home’s sump pump to prevent it from failing during a backup situation.
  • Never flush anything into the system that it was not meant to handle. This can include multi-ply and hygiene wipes.

“This is not a complete list of all the many ways that homeowners can keep their home safe from backups, and if people still have questions, they should absolutely give us a call to find out more,” David says.

If your home is experiencing a sewage backup crisis at present, and you want experts with countless hours of experience in the field to handle it for you, then contact David, James, and the sewage backup team out of 911 Restoration Memphis today! Call us at 901-443-1615


Category Three Water Is Dangerous

David and James have seen and solved all different kinds of sewage and black water scenarios in their field work, and this is how they know exactly what to do when it comes to restorations in these situations.

Water Damage Restoration Vacuum Van At Job LocationBut they are also fully aware that people don’t realize the hazards that category three water can pose, and that is why they suggest never attempting to clean it on one’s own.

“We recently went to a job where the homeowner had a toilet overflow into their bathroom and then the hallway,” James explains. “They thought that they had managed to clean it all up, but they missed lots of dirty water that soaked into the drywall, and allowed for black mold spore growth to run rampant.”

We took on the moldy drywall, and safely abated it without incident, and then they brought the home back to normal.

“We showed the homeowner where the category three water that they missed ended up so that they could see why the situation took place,” David explains. “Then we helped them to file the insurance paperwork so that they wouldn’t have to take on this task too.”

If your home is experiencing a sewage backup event right now, or if you want to know if your past event has caused a mold growth, then don’t hesitate to contact David, James, and the sewage backup Memphis team with 911 Restoration Memphis today at 901-443-1615!

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